By Lisa Wiedmeier

It’s been a long time coming but the final battle has come.

Cheyenne made this decision for a reason. Now she needs a plan. Callon is gone and she has more power than she knows what to do with, let alone control. But when she needs to train everyone is afraid she will open a link to Marcus, her new husband.

Feeling as if all hope is lost her family confirms what her mother’s journals said, she’s alone. Or mostly so. And while hiding out in an abandoned house she keeps hearing him. It’s as if he’s biding his time. Slowly planting fears, doubts, and lies into her heart.  Where is Callon when she needs him?

When an accident causes her to flee into her husband’s claws everyone is afraid. Can she save what’s left of Matt? Is there anything left worth saving?

As her mind darkens from her fears and disappointments Cheyenne must learn how to break Marcus’ hold forever and somehow save everyone she loves. Will she be able to handle the pressure? The power? How can she do this alone?

Maybe she doesn’t. Maybe all faith wasn’t lost. Maybe she needs a little boost.

The final battle is now. Her moment has come to extinguish the evil that for so long has plagued the Timeless race. In this she knows that her strength comes not from one but from many. Strength through the love of a family.

Join the crew as Cheyenne faces her final battle in Awakening.

I give this story a nine out of ten. Lisa Wiedmeier does an excellent job tying it all off with a touch of flair. The battle is quite detailed and isn’t just a quick couple of pages. She writes it out beat for beat and utilizes every talent perfectly. I hope you copy me in finishing this series. And don’t forget to read the accompaniments, Fated parts 1-3 are available for purchase.

Have a great one!