Good Morning!

At least it is here in the USA.

Anyway, I’ve created a new category for the site. It is my blog, so I’m allowed to do that. šŸ™‚ It’s called Personal Thoughts. Now, don’t be dismayed this is not going to be another popular hot topics rant page. This is for fun and you may learn a little something about me.

First, I am a hairdresser and a writer. And secondly, I love fall.

Not any normal love. No, fall for me is an obsession. The clothing, the food, the scent of dying leaves. I can’t get enough!

Where I live we experience four seasons and our trees change color. We have reds and yellows and oranges… ah the view. It changes from around 98 degrees F in summer to 60 in fall. You can breathe again. I just love going to the park and walking in the autumn leaves. Wearing a cozy sweater and some blue jeans. It couldn’t be more perfect. I got married in the fall, was born in the fall, take all the best pictures in the fall!

I adore the pumpkins, the lattes, the hoodies, the fires, the shorter days!

I can’t wait until it comes each year. It’s usually not until October but I have a feeling this year it will be here early.

Here’s your infusion of fall loveliness!