So… How’s it going? Are you having a good day? Well that’s nice. What’s new with me? Oh well nothing except…..

A new Lestat book!!! Who doesn’t know who Lestat is? OH!!!!!

Okay for you little losers who don’t know who the vampire Lestat is allow me to enlighten you.

Back years ago a woman by the name of Anne Rice decided to write a little tiny book titled Interview with the Vampire. It was the autobiography of a vampire named Louis who details his journey from birth into being a vampire. It featured Louis, his maker Lestat, and a child vampire by the name of Claudia. It depicted Louis’ struggle to deal with immortality and his journey to becoming the ultimate immortal creature. The story didn’t stop there, however, it continued through Lestat’s perspective for quite a few more novels. Telling of his wild nights and his beginning.

Lestat’s escapades and crazy antics (including a rock star stint) spun off two movies and a few more side stories. All of these compiled together to form what the world has come to know as the Vampire Chronicles.

Lestat, the original blonde haired, blue-eyed sexy as hell vampire was a huge underground hit! To this day it is still the main of a cult of followers. But after reading the novels you can hardly blame anyone for falling for the aristocrat.

So, after introducing you to the devil himself I am here to inform you about the next in a line of amazing gothic literary novels. Prince Lestat.

It will be available for your reading pleasure on the 28th of October 2014. So a little wait but not too bad, considering we didn’t really know it was coming. According to Anne Rice the Vampire Chronicles were supposedly closed but after a statement in 2012 about wanting to “hear what Lestat has to say” fans have had hope.

This installment will be a ‘true sequel’ to The Queen of the Damned, the third volume in the vampire series. It will follow Lestat and the other vampires as he settles into his new role as ‘tribe leader’.

And… I’m super excited!!! I can’t wait!! These books busted open the doors of literature for me. They were a huge reason as to why I even began reading. I LOVED big books (and I cannot lie)! They are quite brilliant and beautifully detailed. The characters are amazing and captivating. These novels have caught many a vampire fan.

And if I may say so they really were the springboard for any vampire series since. They paved the way picking up where Bram Stoker left off. I cannot even consider anyone a true vampire fan if they haven’t read these books. These are what opened the door for series like True Blood and Vampire Diaries. Although, in my opinion they still blow the others out of the water. (Especially the “ending”. *cough-stackhouse-cough*)

So be on the lookout for your copy in bookstores this fall.