Blow it up!

So you’re sitting there staring at your screen.

Just staring.

Got writer’s block? Ok. Let’s work on this together.

What if? That’s it. What if. What if your computer exploded right now? What if your baby started crying just now? What if you fell asleep while reading this and you awoke with writing on your cheek?

One of James Scott Bell’s bits of advice is to ask ‘what if’. Something he pointed out was to read headlines and even obituaries and ask what if?

Keep writing. Write down different scenarios. Take a break and look back. Highlight the ones that inspire.

If you’re anything like me you’ve settled into a specific mindset. Which is fine for everyday life. But for a writer it isn’t enough. From time to time I have to become a child. Let my mind explode with outrageous ideas. Shoot for the moon!

What if your main character could suddenly leap the grand canyon? What if they could sprout claws and dig to China? Let your mind roam completely free.

When you come back to it ask yourself if you could make this sound plausible. Stop holding up your shields, life I’ve said before, and dream big.

Blow it up!