So I’m constantly searching for ways to expand my views. Not change, just understand different minds and their view points. I have to admit probably one of my favorite ways and biggest weakness is through biographies. Weakness because I detest reading them. *sigh*

Anyway, I believe the best way to do this is to drop our shields. How we view religion, race, lifestyles, etc. I struggle because I’m very deeply rooted in my beliefs, which there is nothing wrong with that. But, to write a character who is well fleshed out and is grounded in their beliefs I have to drop my shields. Not give up on my own, just be flexible enough to create a character from another world.

Another way I see this is to read this out of my comfort zone. I hate horror novels. My imagination is active enough without any fuel. However, I have picked up one on occasion only to finish it and have to review it. The amazing thing about it is that though I get completely grossed out by gore and trembling by terror I have to give the author credit. Each time I am so affected then the writer has accomplished his or her goal.

When a biography takes me back in time and I can experience the joys or turmoil it makes the story real. Writers strive to take you away. Away from society, away from life, away from the familiar and into the unknown. The fire is in the mysterious. Even if it is just making you think ‘now what will they do next?’.

I take that, I take the concept, and try to reinvent it. The why did this character do this or how can I accomplish this same response. I want you to feel the despair and excitement.

I recently read a story about a broken character. She was slowly losing her mind. And as I read some of the reviews the responses were filled with yes we get it, she’s screwed up! But that was exactly the point. It is monotonous. It is annoying. This girl is suffering and has been for a very long time. Her mind is beginning to try to protect itself in the only way it knows how, by repeating her only hopeful memory. While I’m reading these irritated reviews I got kind of excited. This writer achieved her goal. She instilled the emotion and made her readers uncomfortable. *hoorah*

I have a love hate relationship with reading reviews because some people really don’t understand the points of stories. And is can be very unfair. Do I care whether or not you personally enjoyed it? Not particularly. But when you list why our why not there in lies your emotion. That can give me the key to if I should read it. Were you angry over the grammar or was it just not the end you imagined for the character? Was the story actually terrible or do you not personally like that genre?

To me if you read a horror novel and hated it because it was too scary it’s probably a good sign to those who do love scary stories. Expand your views to understand. Get it?

Let me know if you agree or disagree! Why? Have you ever experienced something similar while reading?

Have a good one!