So, after just getting a decent schedule planned out I discovered Disney Movie Rewards.

If you are not familiar with this allow me to explain.
When you purchase a Disney movie and you open the case for the first time there’s this little flyer that usually drops out. It generally has some sort of alien script or code written on it somewhere.
So I got curious.
When you go online and sign up for this free account you enter the alien code and this cool thing happens. You get points to use to purchase things! Like movie collectibles and even other movies!
Then the cooler thing happened. I discovered how to get my movie to play on my kindle fire HD! So now when I’m bored at work I can watch that awesome movie Frozen!

No, I’m not getting paid to endorse this system. I’m not working for any company affiliated with Disney. All I’m saying is that this is really cool.

Anyway, that’s my daily tidbit. Have an awesome one!