Fated – Part One

By Lisa Wiedmeier

If you’ve read any of the Timeless series you’ll love these novellas.

Callon, Colt, and Daniel all love Cheyenne, only in different ways. Each one has an amazingly brilliant story to tell. Here in these books they get their chance to explain their side of the story. From a former womanizer to a well meaning brother you find their hearts are filled with concern and kindness.

All three have been through their share of trouble. In order to protect Cheyenne, and keep their promise to Gene and Alexis, they must overcome their greatest fears and struggles. They must break through Cheyenne’s walls as well as their own. Our she may just do it for them.

Who really loves this girl Timeless? How is it that one girl could turn three men’s worlds upside down?

Nine stars out of ten. I hated having to put down this book to work. Each of our guys has such depth and I just had to know more. Check it out and take the time, only after reading Cheyenne.