So, I’ve been trying very hard to keep regular posts coming on here recently. I love my books and the authors who wrote them very much. I even strive slowly toward becoming one myself. Thus, I feel guilty when I don’t reach my goals. Especially, for those of you who do time in from time to time.

Unfortunately, I and my family have been mourning our dog for the past week or so. It seems when you set a goal the world likes to hit you. And I know some of you probably are like, well it was just a dog, but I assure you the absence of a constant presence is deeply felt.

Thirteen years with taps of nails on the floor, howling to music, whining for table scraps, and greetings at the front door when you come home are all gone. But we are moving on and forward. Our wounds are healing slowly. We are preparing for puppy.

So, I apologize to you my readers for my shortcomings. But as life goes on, it always does, I am pursuing new books with unique worlds.

Top Four:
1) Lady of Devices
2) Unravel Me
3) (after publishing) Awakening
4) various rereading

That’s where we stand at this point.

On a lighter note, I won one of the challenges our sweet Lisa Wiedmeier put out. The cool autographed bookmarks now rest on my dresser until I can find a cool place for them (library display perhaps?). Check out her blog and books online at http://www.lisawiedmeier.com.

Have a good week!