Life’s Painful Moments

So, this week has been very difficult for myself and my family. Our thirteen year old dog, which had been diagnosed with cancer two months ago, had to be put to sleep. I’ve never been attached to any animal like I was to this dog. So this experience was quite new and difficult.

With this chapter of our lives coming to an end I was reminded of a book I read some years ago that seemed appropriate.

A Mango Shaped Space
By Wendy Mass

Mia is a young girl who is fairly normal, except that she hears colors. Each word and number has a defined color and shape. She has tried to keep it secret until school becomes problematic.
Mia has synesthesia. Her senses are crossed. Something most people have when they are born to aid in learning, only hers never faded.
She finds comfort in her pet cat whose mango tinged purrs puff softly. Mango, the cat, is the one creature she can be sure doesn’t think she’s crazy.
And when Mango passes her world is rocked. Suddenly she sees the world just like everyone else does. Plain. No more colors.

I really liked this story those years ago and believe it is just the right thing when one loses a pet. Animals color our lives so brightly. Sometimes we just have to grieve through the rain. I hope your day is filled with rainbows.