My scoring system

So I’ve realized two things about myself on this blog. The first being that nearly every post will begin with, “so…”. The second is that I’ve never really given you the lowdown on my scoring system.

  I like a one to ten rating system. Not that five stars isn’t cool, I just feel like a one to ten gives a bit more of an honest review.

  For me a one is like kindergarten schmuck. Something with horrid writing, editing, story. It has to be really bad. And I’m pretty lenient with my scoring. But I will always try to give everyone their say and understand why something is the way it is.

  The ten is easy, this has to be like biblical. I am difficult to please and hard pressed to rate anything a ten. True inspirations, amazing stories those are likely to have a ten. I don’t mean that to belittle any outstanding works of fiction. And I believe at some point I probably will give a fiction piece a ten.

To me a ten rating is something irrevocably moving or speaks incredible truths. The ‘I have a dream’ speech would be a ten. So, it doesn’t even have to be a novel.

  I just thought it would be a bit more enlightening to understand how I rate things. If I give anything less than a five I more than likely would not recommend it. A ten is an absolute take the time, must read.