So I’m super excited about a few upcoming movies and not so jazzed about others. March seems to be the time to hit the theatres.

But really quick before we address what’s coming soon let me hit one thing.
  Frozen. Is. The. Best. Ever. Ok so it’s a kid’s movie. But being the big kid that I am I loved it! The story is about two sisters who are best friends. Then something bad happens accidentally and forced the two apart. Many life changing things happen in the years that follow and they are made to move forward in life.
  I expected a few songs and was slightly wary of any musical number. But the songs were amazing and witty. The characters are quite funny and loveable. And the imagery. Oh the imagery. One word- beautiful! The animation is so well detailed and so expressive.
  I was kind of half in, half out of wanting to see this movie. I’m a hair dresser so I hear everything and NO ONE had anything negative to say about this one. So I went, and I’m glad I did. Take the time, it is totally worth the ticket cost. If you can see it in 3D I would.

Alright, next!
March 7th :300 Rise of an Empire
– I, like many others, enjoyed the first 300 movie. The animation and story were really cool. I was a teen at the time so it was all the rage. But I’m not real sure on this installment.
It seems like it took a very long time to take on the second movie. And, when a huge blockbuster like 300 comes on the scene people flock to it. You would figure for the next film it would have been advertised more. I have seen so few ads for this movie that it is almost forgettable. But hopefully I’m wrong. We’ll wait and see.

March 21st: Divergent
-*squeal* I can’t wait! You fans know these books are awesome! I was worried with the first few teaser trailers because we all know how Hollywood likes to misinterpret novels (*cough-twilight-cough*). But after seeing the final trailer I’m stoked! Can’t wait!

March 28th: A Haunted House 2
– Ok I’m lame and I’m only endorsing this film because of one reason – Fluffy! Gabriel Iglesias is in this movie. He is freaking hilarious and I only hope he shows up a lot. I don’t usually see movies like this, just because I’m not a huge parody/scary movie fan. But this may change my mind.

Anyway, I hope you all go check out these upcoming flicks. (And for those of you who don’t know who Gabriel Iglesias is, you are bad and you should feel bad. That is all.)