Shatter Me

By Tahereh Mafi

   Juliette has never felt a loving touch, never a kind embrace, never a tender kiss. People run from her, fear her, even throw rocks at her. She’s a pariah to everyone. She’s dangerous. She’s broken.

   We begin with her in an asylum. After too many incidents she’s been abandoned by her parents. Parents who didn’t even blink as she was taken. It was an accident. Another accident. She didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

   Things happen when Juliette touches people. Painful things. Dead things. It was an accident.

   But when someone takes her out of the asylum- into the sick world – she is even more of a prisoner. The people are dying and the earth itself is toxic. Her savior is vile. A power hungry youth with evil plots.

   Juliette is already broken. She needs someone to rebuild her. Someone to hold her. Just to touch….

   I loved this story. I guess it’s the twisted chick inside me that loves the hospitalization. Something about being shattered. That deep brokenness in a pure form. Needing for the sake of absolute need.

   I have little to no complaints about this story. Only that, though I get that she is unhinged, they keep having to explain why anyone cares for her. The first couple of explanations are nice but after that only slightly redundant.

   I really enjoyed the way the author portrays her mind. She is broken so after a while of isolation with one’s own thoughts her processing seems to skip. Kind of like a record on a turntable. But it’s not annoying in the least. She manages to get her point across in such a simple way.

So a nine out of ten for me. Take the time.