The truth about writing…

After reading Chinese Cinderella I feel that I understand what writing is really about.

To me writing has mostly been about telling a story, any story I could think of. And if I didn’t finish it I felt defeated. Like I had lost my muse. Our like I was a failure.

However, I have since learned that writing is so much more. For some it is an escape, a way to journey out of reality into a favored land. For others it is a story bursting forth in truth or passion.

For writing to work you have to put your faith into it. You must introduce to your reader part of your soul. Make them understand why you or your character feel this way.

My work from NaNoWriMo fell between the cracks for that reason. I didn’t feel it was a story with telling. My brain was in it instead of my heart. I’ve learned that if I want to produce a great story I have to do it the right way.

So, my work from November is scrapped. But now I can move on to even better work.