Chinese Cinderella

Let’s just jump to it.
By Adeline Yen Mah

Adeline Yen Mah is a woman who was born to a seemingly loving and kind family. But when her mother dies shortly after her birth everyone blames her and calls her bad luck. And that is merely the start. Soon her father remarries to a woman who plays a bit nicer at first. Little does anyone know that a short time later they will see her true colors.

Adeline soon discovers that her life is different from her peer’s. Much different. Even her half brother and sister are treated better than her other siblings. And as China changes as a country, through wars and invasions, she is forced into multiple schools. Being top student seems to be the only way to garner and attention from her father, though it causes division between herself and her other siblings.

But even as she is treated horribly there are many who have amazing faith in her. Her aunt Baba, her grandfather Ye Ye, and her many classmates and instructors. She has a beautiful talent for writing and uses it as an outlet. Gaining notice from those around her.

It would seem, though that suffering is never far from Adeline. Every positive in school or around her friends is a mockery to her family. And after being moved to a school in a zone about to be invaded all seems lost. Especially when she is the last student in the place.

Her life seems to take flight at the end of this book. In this true story I was in tears many times. The story of this, at the time, little girl is an amazing story of strength and hope. Never to give up. And I feel as if I have learned something very valuable.

I give this book a ten out of ten. It brings humility and a certain strength. Don’t pass it up. This story makes you feel very lucky.