As If I Have Failed

We have been counting down the days until the release of Allegiant and it has been out since Tuesday. I’m having to postpone my reading of it because I want the hard copy. Which I will have by this weekend at the latest.

I had previously intended to try to get my hands on it last Wednesday but, alas, our entire family gets ill at the same time. So I fully apologize.

Anyway, according to my long list of novels I would like to once again update you on my progress.

1) Insurgent (the re-read) – I am approx. 60-70% finished with it.

2) Allegiant – haven’t started yet

3) Finale – 48% like… yeah. I’ll get to it eventually. I think it’s because I truly despise ending any series.

-And on that note I will certainly feel lost after Allegiant. This has become an obsession.

4) Changeless- exactly 50% and I’m dying to get back to this quirky mystery.

5) Outpost – I haven’t read this one yet but the third one comes out October 29th, 2013.

All I ask for now is that since I haven’t read Allegiant yet please do NOT post any spoilers. I am going to read it and post a review, as usual. I will go ahead and warn you that I intend on posting a very detailed review and it will probably contain spoilers. So please wait until you have read the book yourself to check out the review. I have heard through the grapevine that the ending is sad.

Thanks for stopping by!