The Rock Allegiance Tour

Just in from the concert and decided to let you fans know about this awesome tour!!!!

So, I’ve never been to a concert in my life and this was a great way to start. Not only did I get every member of HIM’s autograph I also jammed out to some serious RNR.

I missed the performance by Airborne due to autographs, so I apologize. However I made it in just in time to catch some freaking awesome All That Remains. This band is more of your ideal metal. Hard rifts with screaming yet still interesting lyrics. The next band, HIM was amazing! I was concerned that with this not being a strictly HIM tour that they may play a couple of tunes then leave. But fear not, these rock gods didn’t let anyone down. They played every fave they have made from Funeral of Hearts and Soul on Fire to Tears on Tape and Buried Alive by Love. I loved every minute. And, of course, Volbeat closed out the night with some pretty great head-banging noise. They played with the crowd the whole way and even swapped out their backdrop mid way through. My ears are still ringing and I’m loving it!

If you missed one already there are still five shows to be experienced and I would make you go if I could. Trust me you will not be disappointed.