The Taller the Stack the More is on TV

I recently received a question about why and how I can read many books at once. And to be honest about my reading habits allow me to explain.

I liken it to watching television (or Netflix in today’s day and age). Sometimes you look for a drama, something with some substance and intrigue (Divergent). Sometimes you want something romantic (Finale). Sometimes you want something wittingly funny (Soulless). So every now and then you flip the channel. I even like a commercial every so often just to break up the monotony (Anime).

Also, I read multiple novels about diverse worlds. Things amazingly unrelated (though sometimes they oddly become similar). I love the futuristic worlds, post-apocalyptic. But I wouldn’t read The Hunger Games and Divergent at the same time. I love supernatural mystery. I wouldn’t, however, read Jane True and Soulless at the same time. It would be consufing – ahem- confusing.

And some stories are different and the same all in one. Like I could read Interview with the Vampire and Twilight at the same time. Both vampire books but not very similar.

So that’s how my brain works.

I also want to give you guys an update. I’m reading Finale and Soulless in the mainstream with the two re-reads on the side. And Outpost is on my Kindle to be read as leisure sees fit. I’m really trying to finish Finale first for you guys. It is getting really good. (I know I’ve added an extra to the top four. ^_^)

Anyway, hope you guys have a good week!