With All My Soul

By Rachel Vincent

After all Kaylee has been through and after all her friends have suffered we finally have our perfect conclusion.

She has suffered and died multiple times. She has saved and killed her friends. She has taken and given souls. And after all of this they are still all in very imminent danger. Kaylee and her friends devise a plan to finally end their torment from hellions. It seems that the only thing a hellion has to fear is another hellion.

As they move to set their plan in motion their parents go missing. First Kaylee’s dad. Then, Nash and Tod’s mom as well as Brendan. Everyone has someone at stake. How can you pit one hellion against another without all of your resources? How can Emma save her sister from a leach of a child without Harmony? How can you convince a hellion to help you forever?

These are all questions bouncing around in Kaylee’s head. That, and Tod. Things are good with Tod. Really good. But while that fact stands sometimes you have to really trust one another and sacrifice for what you know is right. And what is right may seem evil. But even a bad choice made for a good reason can be a good choice.

Ira looks like a rock star, aside from having no pupils to speak of. He seems to enjoy wrath in every form, though he tastes of peace. Kaylee would know. For this is a fee among many she is destined to pay to hellions. Though every hellion is different and for the right price willing to do anything. Ira becomes quite the dangerous catch.

Kaylee’s journey takes a dramatic turn in a string of events from the beginning of her story to its final page. Every piece of information she has learned becomes quite valuable in this all or nothing act. From meeting singers to making deals, from love to sacrifice, from Nether to human – it all matters.

Kaylee learns that those she cares for the most (whether friend, lover, family) are all important to one another as well. She has quite a large, interesting type of family.

Rachel Vincent pulls this end together seamlessly. It drives you to madness and back. It makes you realize your own family grows and changes every day. It makes you appreciate those you care for. Even Sabine, cause we all have one.

I give this story’s ending a…… nine. It was almost perfect! (I wanted a wedding….) But anyway, this story is amazing and amazingly thought out. I loved every person and felt like they were all very fleshed out. You can feel each person as if you had sat at that lunch table to hash out hellish plots. So if you have followed me this far then finish the series, you won’t be sorry.

P.S. I will go back and read the novellas. I didn’t want to ruin anything for myself so I intentionally left them out, though I may regret that later.

P.P.S. One of my favorite moments in the entire series is Tod’s journal.  😉