Tempest Reborn

By Nicole Peeler

I have always loved the Jane True series for all of its cliff-hangers, humor, lust, and amazing characters. This series constantly had me on my toes, in tears, belly laughing, or dying for my man to come home, if you catch my drift. Now, on to the review…

Jane has just lost her lover to a horrid dragon. Her entire world is gone and she is alone. Mourning the loss of Blondie and Anyan and all of her hope she would rather die too. Everyone now has to look to her to be the champion she is. But being a champion has lost all meaning. Until she starts dreaming…

Anyan fills her dreaming hours. She misses him desperately and seeks the comfort of her dreams. But her imagined Anyan may be more than just imagined. If she can only remember what is important.

During her waking hours she spends time with her family and friends devising ways to end the Red and the White. Ryu becomes her main consultant and helps her focus on what matters, discovering that Anyan may not be past saving from the White.

After some strange encounters with some magical monks they all learn that history may have produced a key. From centuries of seeming lunatics spouting on about alchemy there may be a hidden map. Some direction in defeating the dragons once and for all. But no victory is ever won without sacrifice.

After days of deciphering ancient texts the strange bunch of misfits combine to bring down the White and save Anyan. (I have to admit I took a long celebratory break after this point.)

With one down they move on to their final task. Removing the Red from Morrigan and destroying her permanently.

Hiral, your friendly neighborhood gwyllion, decides to become a spy. And a darn good one. Throughout the story he moves silently from side to side revealing valuable information. But even he doesn’t know what the last act will be in the ultimate destruction. Only Caleb and Anyan are privy to that bit of information.

The universe must have balance and there are always options. Hard decisions must be made and the battle will be won.

I was on the edge of my seat the last 20% of this book. Just itching to know the end. And when I did the rug was pulled out from under me! I feel like I was dropped on my butt, hard. Not to rant but, really?! That’s it?! That’s the end?! Not that it is a bad ending, not at all. But this is the final… *ahem* FINAL book in the Jane True series. Oops! I didn’t realize this and now I’m aghast!

Anyway… for the last book you’ll find Jane True in it really ties up loose ends nicely and I enjoyed the journey. It truly (ha ha) was an amazing series with smashing characters. Take the time and read this last book!