By Lisa Wiedmeier

“My Wesley will come for me.” -The Princess Bride

This is the feel you get from this story. I was very eager to read this book and Lisa didn’t let me down. She may have left me hanging but not let down.

The first chapters felt a touch dreary.  Cheyenne is grieving the loss of our beloved Colt. She is struggling to deal with that grief through any and all means possible. Though, there are some who begrudge her for it. Everyone has had to face their own share of loss.

After such a long journey she feels as if she had lost all hope and light. But some would rather receive her and show her life and love can still exist. The only thing is, well she let them?

New friends begin to lighten her dark, crimson-eyed world. Each one in their own ways. Through laughter, antics, and just plain friendship Cheyenne learns time does pass for a Timeless. Love can grow even in the most turbulent conditions. And hope never dies unless you let it.

But danger and heartache are never far away from Cheyenne it would seem. Her destiny has come and with it even more responsibility. Hard decisions must be made as well as sacrifices. Just when you share in her happiest moments you are ripped away to yet another adventure.

But for all of the heartache the continuance of this story is worth the read. I believe Lisa Wiedmeier truly fleshes out her characters very thoroughly. You come to know and love every one of them because they are all so very human. So take the time and don’t give up hope for Cheyenne and her family just yet. There are still a few more pages to be turned.