By Ann Aguirre

Pretty cool story.

In post apocalyptic America there are few residents. Our main character comes from College, the underground tribe. This tribe is believed to be one of very few and the only one capable of surviving the plague. With many tales of the horrors Topside they have colonized below.

Unfortunately, they aren’t privy to new information and if someone tries to relay news it must forego judgement. Deuce, the main character, gets turned out along with her teammate Fade. Together they must seek out any other lifeforms, aside from the freaks. The freaks are a constant changing bunch of clawing, biting, rotting humans who want nothing but their next meal.

Fade knows more about Topside than Deuce and they struggle to journey toward new life. Every journey has loss and new friends. It seems like their journey has just begun as it ends.

Frequent freak battles and odd companionship make for the beginning of a great story. I can’t wait to tread along with the next book.

If you have liked The Hunger Games, Divergent, or anything of the like you’ll love this. Definitely take the time!