Don’t Starve!

Designed as a survival/adventure game this game is oddly addictive. The art style is like that of a Tim Burton film or a Series of Unfortunate Events. Sketchy and two-dimensional.

You play as a guy, Wilson, as you try to survive in the wilderness.  You must build fires and kill for food.

You could compare it to Terraria. You progress day by day through the game instead of level by level. If you happen to die you lose a portion of your experience. While attempting to stay feed, sane, and alive you fight off bats, mosquitoes, and other menaces.

The Gothic humor is sweet. For example, Wilson will cut down a tree and say, “take that nature”. Or he will read a tomb stone and say, “Hey that’s my name”.

Like I said, strangely addictive like Terraria.

Give it a shot, besides it’s on sale on steam.