Man Of Steel

Yesterday we took my dad to see this movie for Father’s Day. It was quite the day trip.

This movie begins in the middle. Or so it seems. From the ads on television I presumed we would meet our young Clark as a child and journey through life with him. Instead we begin with adult Clark and his many jobs.

As the movie progressed you learn about Clark’s past as well as the story of his people on Krypton. For the longest time it feels like a lot of flashbacks and not much current events, aside from Lois and her research.

But it did get to the main story finally and you begin to learn why the flashbacks were valid. That the Krypton leaders had made decisions which seemingly led to their civilization’s demise. Thus producing Zod, our main villain.

As we all know Clark, aka Kell El, was sent to Earth. Zod, having committed crimes against the Krypton authorities had been exiled (more or less). After Krypton’s destruction neither Clark nor Zod had any place to call home. Zod, however, knew about Kell El’s existence and went in search of him.

Our movie leads us through their meeting and response to the situation at hand, what to do about their existence. Ultimately Clark must make the decision his father on Earth had known all along he’d have to make. Save humanity or destroy it for his people’s future.

I have to say it got a little soap-opera like throughout the story. Awkward pauses and sudden intimate moments pop up during the most vital plot points. But over all it was a good movie.

Clark’s struggle with when and how to use his powers brings you to that pinnacle of emotion. How can you keep who you are a secret when it means life or death? Take a leap of faith for possible acceptance or stay hidden and people die?

I would have to give this movie an eight out of ten. It is a very awesome version of Superman, the best I’ve ever seen thus far. And I look forward to up and coming sequels. (By the way, there is no clip after the credits. That’s a Marvel thing.) So find the cheapest tickets you can and certainly go see this film.