Iron Man 3!

This movie freaking rocks! Which reminds me… I need to purchase all these movies.

(Not My Picture)

So.. we ventured out on a double date two weeks ago and saw the latest Iron Man movie. As much as I love these movies (including The Avengers) I was looking forward to it, despite my uneasiness about the phrase ‘double date’.

And we get to the theatre:

The cinema wasn’t very crowded. And aside from the three hours of previews (I mean is it just me or is half of our ticket price just for previews alone?) I must say the movie ROCKED. Now, I must admit that I didn’t particularly enjoy the second Iron Man movie (SHUT UP) AT FIRST for odd reasons but I LOVED this one.

Tony Stark has been through a lot recently. Going from a billionaire, playboy who designs weaponry to a superhero in an elaborate metal suit was only the first step. When beings from outer space decided to do the whole earth thing that’s when life took on a whole new meaning for Mr. Stark.

Putting things into prospective has put Tony in a very surreal and uncomfortable place. Even the man who seems to always have it all together can be shaken to his core. What do you do when you can’t be the hero, or so you think? Who and what can you rely on? Why can’t you sleep?

These are just a few of the unexplored things Tony has to face.

This movie packs a mega punch to the face with a Stark Ind. rocket! You catch a painful glimpse into the psyche of your favorite hero. Who, in this episode proves he truly has a heart. (Say it with me folks, Awwww!)

So, in the end (after a less than awesome dinner) our double date was a success after all.

I highly recommend seeing this movie to any and all Iron Man fans. Ten out of ten for me!