Before I Wake

By Rachel Vincent

Wow. I’m really angry…

Kaylee is adjusting to life after death. Her death. And you’d think she’d be non-living happily ever after. But things are never as simple as anyone would like.

After ‘recovering’ from being stabbed (and killed) by her school teacher Kaylee is having trouble staying with it. Literally. With her new reclamation abilities she is fading in and out of her general humanity with her only tether being Tod. But he can’t be with her night and day, especially since Kaylee is trying to resume life’s normality.

Avari is still on the loose, and so is Thane. No one is safe while danger still lurks at their door. All of humanity is in danger and it’s up to Kaylee to choose who’s next.

In this breath-taking, heart-wrenching, soul-stealing installment of the Soul Screamers series you’ll let go and drift right along with our heroine. I feel like going on much more would tell too much. But the series must end and with it so shall many other things. Up to the end you feel this story’s gravity. You mourn and celebrate. You find no good stopping points, so keep food on hand.

I must give this book an eight. If you’ve followed this series this far, and kept up with it, then I suggest you read this and the final novel in our journey with Kaylee and the gang. If you ever loved Nash, if you fell for Tod, if you loved the rough-edged Sabine, if you treasured Emma, if you trusted Alec, if you craved Harmony’s cookies then pick it up. Do take the time.