It should have died a while ago.

Okay… here goes…

I, as well as many out there, began reading a specific series about six years ago. It is a vampire series that began with quite a strong direction. If you haven’t caught on yet I’m talking about the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris.

This series sprung out of Louisana began in a bar, Merlottes, with a girl named Sookie. Vampires came ‘out of the closet’ and the world had to adapt. Through out the series many awesome trials and relationships tumble out. One of the most memorable being between Eric and our fine lady. I laughed and really delved into every story for ten books. Following Sookie’s journey with many different men, in many strange situations, and with all good intentions.

There is much to be said about this series and about each individual book. (I fully enjoyed reading about a certain boy rubbing his head on a clothing rack!) But…. as time wore on we, as readers, became more aware of that time winding down. We got genuinely thrilled to discover an HBO series being made from these novels. (I watched my first episode while on vacation, really funny.) We then even credited the difference in direction to the desired audience. Overall, acceptable.

Then it rained…

I mean no disrespect to the writer because she clearly knows much more about the entire process and her story than I, and many others, do. However, I quit purchasing the novels after around book eleven. Ms. Harris, a writer for 32 years, seemed to create a major decline in this particular storyline. Many readers were becoming bored with the politics, then later, angry with outcomes. I, myself, was dissappointed with the lack of true envelopement into the story and the total lack of character loyality.

The books seemed destined for greatness and then (pardon my childishness) went to a drunken college frat party, crashed a yacht, subsequiently killed many individuals, and nose-dived their promising career.

Is there a chance I would have felt differently having read the final books in the series? Absolutely. Should you always believe what you read? Nope. But, I am wise enough to know that when your overall reader input is negative I most likely won’t spend my money on it.

So, for Ms. CH I must say this:

I absolutely adored the main of your Sookie Stackhouse series. It was an amazing journey and loads of joy as well as heartbreak. However, I am sad to say that as I do know you are a well accomplished author I still feel that your audience, who has been quite loyal and faithful, are your income. It is completely your right as the author to direct your story however you feel led. To take us all on the same journey you invision. But it is also our right, as your readers, to give you the most honest feedback. It’s the media. There will always be good and bad.

I often look forward to her releases. And should I look forward to many more new series by this author I hope she does it as much justice and, in the end, even more.

So, in the end to her Sookie Stackhouse series I say farewell.