A for Ingenuity

Paramore’s latest self titled album, which was released April 5th of this year, is a new side of the band we have yet to experience. It gives you many different styles of music and takes their punk rock sound to new limits just before exploding through them. Most of the critics have given very positive reviews, one of which calls Hayley Williams ‘ballsy’. I totally agree, by the way.

Some, however, are typical haters. And here’s what I have to say to that; Paramore’s latest release takes risks! If you remain in the same box you will not last as an artist. Pushing yourself as an artist is crucial to your career. I applaud the decision to take on various styles of music. Music is a universal language and obviously Paramore recognizes this and embraced it. From periodic sounds to trying new things, this band is not afraid to take leaps of faith. Also, Hayley’s voice and the rocking tunes keep with the punk rock style of music.

Ultimately, music is about having fun, experiencing new things, and leaving an impression. And I believe they have left a major impression. They are redefining themselves and rocking it out while they do so. I give their album a ten for ingenuity.