Happily Sorrowful

H.I.M.’s new album, Tears On Tape, brings with it all of the melancholy sweetness fans have been craving since their last release, Screamworks: Love in Theory and in Practice. H.I.M. never fails to reignite the haunting sense of the abyss in their music.

Tears on Tape has been a work in progress for some time for the band ever since the group’s drummer, Mika Karppinen (aka Gas Lipstick), suffered nerve issues and put the future of the band – and its music- on hold. But thankfully our love, Gas, is “a-ok” according to Ville himself and the band has set up tour dates here in the good old U.S.A.

With the ever-present feel of impending doom the album is a throwback to the bands of the day. Referencing Kiss and Black Sabbath, as well as many others, the group pays homage to their personal inspirations. And it’s more than just with eyeliner! From church bells to general sounds the band does once again exactly what we like; they apply rock to your greatest fears. They make even the deepest black holes seem bright. Thus taking their seemingly infamous symbol to its core of yin and yang.

So I’ll give this happy sorrow a ten for, yet again, giving me the cheerful blues.