Skylanders Giants

An expensive habit, as my older brother called it.

This game is really fun! Anyway, moving on to the legitimate stuff…

I’ll admit I jumped right into Skylanders Giants, (it was all we could find).

The story begins with Kaos being on the loose and using the Skylanders you must catch him. Each Skylander has his/her own benefits and there are many areas in the game dedicated to specific character styles. (I.e. Rock, Air, Fire, Death, Earth, Water, etc.) The game seems to be very cartoony and geared towards kids, however many adult gamers have invested in this addictive series.

Each character comes as its own figurine. Each figurine saves all of its own game data. So, say you leveled one of the characters then removed it from the game platform. That character still retains the level when you replace it on the platform. This seems handy except when your life gauge runs out you must remove the figure from the platform and use another character.

The playstyle is slightly annoying. For example you can fly only to find that to reach certain areas you must use a bounce pad. And if you are playing with multiple players you can’t venture too far from player one.

But why is it so expensive? Because, like I said, some locations are geared towards specific characters. Also, you now have the ability to play as not only the Skylanders but as the Giants. And the giants have their own abilities as well. Not to mention each character is unique and they light up in neat ways. I’m a girl and I love color so this fascinates me to no end.

So now, when your kid begs you for more Skylanders it’s difficult to refuse. My brother enjoys this game as much as my nephew. It’s a game for all ages. The battles are amusing and the enemies are just as silly. There are puzzles and brain teasers.

So on a scale from one to ten I’d give it a……. seven.