Injustice: Gods Among Us

This game is pretty freaking cool!

Set in a comic book world your favorite DC heroes are sent to an alternate dimension. When right and wrong are less than clear anymore.

This game is much like Mortal Kombat in that it is your basic fighting game. With unique basic and combo attacks for each character and villan. You have some characters that are more small and agile (like the Flash) and others (like Solomon Grundy) who are more strength oriented. But you also have folks like Raven who are the exception to the rule.

In the game you move through a storyline as if you are part of the comic. And for every metaphorical moment of “POW” or “BAM” you are the one inflicting the movement. Yet, it is not real cartoony looking and each battle arena attributes its own useful breakables you can punt someone into. You don’t get that long video clip where you’re saying, “Gee, I wish I was putting the hurt on instead of the AI”. Instead you are playing every vital moment of battle.

The character lineup combines all of the classic DC characters such as Batman, Robin, Solomon Grundy, the Titans, Shazam, and many others. Also, there will soon be add on characters released (one of whom I believe is Lobo).

I like that there is not much gore like you’d find in some of the MK games, and most of your movement is realistic. The animation is very well thought out and the movements are clean. Now, there are backgrounds that include more adult themed pieces. For example, in one of the areas you’ll find a theatre that boasts ‘Live Nudes’.

I must say that discovering each character’s special attack is cool. I mean, when a freaking shark comes out of nowhere…. Not to mention the more you play the more you unlock new clothing options and such. Also, each character has its approximate villain. One of which I was insanely pleased to find in this game.

I would not say this is a kids game. Though it is entertaining and fun to kick your friends’ butt at.

I would give it on a scale of one to ten an….. eight.

This game is really fun and tries to make Aquaman cool. So try it out!