The Host

By Stephenie Meyer

Melanie Stryder is a fighter for herself and her younger brother, Jamie. After she meets Jared she becomes a fighter for him too. But why is she fighting? The world of humanity is on the brink of extinction due to some peace-loving aliens known as ‘souls’. These body-snatching creatures want to re-write our existence. To create a Utopian society.

When a unique soul is implanted into Melanie Stryder’s body her life is altered irreparably. Where most humans lose their inner consciousness Melanie is still on the inside fighting. Wanderer has lived on many previous planets but Earth is quite magnificent.  Experiencing five senses and extreme emotions are just the beginning. Melanie loves Jamie and Jared and decides to take fate into her own hands. She plagues Wanderer with memories and dreams of those she cared about the most. Slowly allowing Wanderer insight into the world her kind have taken over. The deeper truths.

Every person they meet plays a role in not only teaching Wanderer, but also in saving humanity. The souls come from a place where good and bad are as plain as black and white. But through some very difficult and trying circumstances Wanderer learns that sometimes lies are better than the truth, pain is easier than being numb, and life – most importantly goes on.

With the help of new and old companions Melanie and Wanderer (or Wanda for short) begin to re-shape the lives of both human and soul. Wanda discovers a passion, zeal at last for a life. One she could die for. Learning that people are capable of change and to be human is a ‘relative’ term.

This story is captivating. It takes you to the deepest parts of who we all are. In this world I got swept away and fully through every emotion and hardship. Sometimes there are situations where we are all viewing life through a child’s eyes. And Wanderer shows us just that. That trail and tribulation are the keys to growth and that pain and suffering are the hinges of great joy.

I had read this book before and it had value to me then. Now I feel like I can truly understand, truly comprehend the entire novel. I believe it does take a second read to gain that fullness. Melanie and Wanda’s triumphs had me flying high. And every time they fell or failed I felt every bruise and scrape. Every loss I grieved.  This book hits each nerve in the human body from love to hate, from joy to sorrow, and from kinship to betrayal. I want to read it again and again.

So to say this book is a ten is to call it done. The story is yet to be complete, according to Meyer, and I look very forward to reading The Seeker. For now I will give it a perfect ten just for your intrigue. I do ask you to take the time for yourself, and I warn you it is not a quick read. But it is worth every moment you spend in it. So take my advice and read, then re-read, The Host.