If I Die

By Rachel Vincent

OH MY GOD!!!! This book is awesome!!!

It’s Kaylee’s turn. She’s been living on borrowed time until now and it has come to an end. If you knew you only had a week to live what would you do? Kaylee has to tie up all her loose ends but that’s always easier said than done.

When a new math teacher is assigned Sabina knows he’s not normal. And when an above average student has a miscarriage in his class the new investigation begins. Kaylee is determined to solve the puzzle before she runs out of time and to protect everyone she cares about in the process. Everyone is on the lookout but keeping them focused is difficult while they spend their last days with Kaylee.

As things between her and Nash crumble Kaylee decides that the rules no longer apply. Everything begins to change. She’s neglecting homework, eating junk food, calling on enemies, and going further with guys than she ever would have before. But even in death some rules should still apply. And Tod is there to remind her. Now she needs him more than ever. With him she faces down old fears and learns to look her biggest one in the face. No one else is better for the job.

But time is dwindling down and things are getting more and more out of hand. Reapers aren’t always nice, love isn’t always what it seems, and time is of the essence. But how can new relationships begin when her life is about to end?

In this EPIC installment to the Soul Screamers series I felt so entranced. It drew me in and all I could do is white knuckle it. Even as you follow Kaylee in her last days you feel every moment. You count with her. You cry with her. You love with her. It’s like free-falling down on a roller coaster. And if you don’t get to the end of the story screaming, cheering, and crying then you’ve missed it all together.

It’s a ten out of ten for me. I read it in less than a week because I felt like time WAS of the essence. If you have read the others then this book has everything you’ve been waiting for. Maybe it just takes something tragic to put things into prospective. TAKE THE TIME!!!