By Becca Fitzpatrick

What’s going on? Who are you? Where am I? What is today?

These are the questions Nora wants answered. It seems she’s been gone for eleven weeks with no idea of what happened. And worse yet, she doesn’t remember some of the days prior to disappearing either. While her mother is understandably more protective, her best friend, Vee, isn’t much help either. Even she seems to be in mother bear mode. But why is her guy obsessed BFF now swearing off men? Something is missing besides her memory and Nora wants to get it back.

It would seem, though, that while she was gone her mother was getting cozy with her worst enemy. There’s something about Mr. Millar Nora knows she can’t trust. But until her memory returns she has no choice but to let the chips fall. That is, until she stumbles into some violent men behind a Seven Eleven. And when a man in white saves her and talks about Nephilim she wants answers. But the only thing Nora has any recollection of is black. It’s overwhelming her senses. And the black feather she found.

But when Nora runs into an old friend the bridge in her mind begins to piece itself back together. Scott gives her the rundown of her life prior to her mental gap. Explaining Nephilim, Fallen Angles, The Black Hand, Rixon…and some guy named Patch.

After learning all of this, Nora ends up unraveling a whole web of lies. Including who the man in white truly is. And knows she must play is cool to keep those she cares about most safe. While her memory is slow to catch up there’s one who knows that somethings only a pair of scars will tell you.

In this fascinating continuation to the Hush, Hush series blood lines are crossed, heroes made villains, and liars are to be believed. Sometimes things aren’t always what they seem. And hard decisions must be made.

I get caught up every time in Becca Fitzpatrick’s world. I give this book a nine out of ten. Every proverbial page I turn leads me deeper into the darkness. I mean, can we ever get enough of Patch? I think not. If you are following me I suggest you read this installment. Definitely take the time.