Because I’m slow….

I hate being slow to post! I’m sure you hate it too. But hey cut me some slack, it was valentines after all. Just kidding! Anyway, let me add one more for the day!

I am about to begin reading Finale. Super excited! Also, I will be taking on the next Soul Screamers book. So no need to fear I’m still on track. Though, alas I fear the Tempest book won’t be out until May.

However, in more exciting news… HIM is planning on coming to the U.S. on tour soon! Their next album, Tears on Tape, will be released on April 30th here in the states and Canada. They just wrapped up in New York and will be announcing their upcoming tour next week. (But for the little jerks who don’t know who HIM is let me give you a little bio. H.I.M. is the first Finnish Band to go platinum in the U.S. They are considered a “Love Metal” band. From their FB site: Razor & Tie A&R Executive Mike Gitter adds, “Few artists are able to tap into rock at its most emotional and forlorn and make it sound so damn uplifting and powerful. That’s Ville Valo and HIM’s stock-in-trade. They take the rawest of emotions and channel them into unforgettable anthems- invoking the spirit of great rock n roll in the process.” – I fully agree. )

Also, I’m putting up some anime stuff (I know, I very rarely do this). I recently stumbled across this little silly nugget on NetFlix. Rosario + Vampire. Check it out! It’s funny and a little twisted.

Anyway, before my laptop dies that’s our latest and greatest! Late!