Crescendo (Hush, Hush #2)

By Becca Fitzpatrick

This is one of those “second books”. I need a freakin’ family tree here.

Anyway, Nora is living a happy life and in an otherwise healthy relationship. That is, until she drops the biggest bomb ever. Those three little life changing words, “I love you”. When you have been given a guardian angel there is a very good reason, but falling in love with that angel is against the rules. And when the higher-ups intervene all hell breaks loose.

When Nora confesses her innermost feelings for Patch her life takes a drastic turn. Especially when her worst known enemy, Marcie Millar, is hanging around him. Marcie was bad enough before but suddenly she’s offering rides and working with Nora. Why is she so different now? And what is her ultimate malfunction? Nora’s jealousy ignites when she keeps seeing the two together.

But when an old aquaintence reappears she may just have the fuel to even the odds. Scott is a boy with a mysterious past. When Nora’s mom invites him and his mother to dinner something feels off. Nora gets the notion that there’s more to the story than just boys-will-be-boys. And when she starts investigating she may have just opened a can of worms.

Nora’s anger moves her to action. Deciding to shove her independence in Patch’s face she goes out with Scott. But this time she’s in over her head. Every time she goes out with him odd things happen. Maybe she’s hallucinating. Maybe she’s crazy. Or, maybe someone is trying to contact her. Nora’s world is smaller than she ever realized and more complex.

Things get more and more tangled as she learns more about her heritage. And even darker secrets will be revealed. Lies, theft, jealousy, truth, a diary, a necklace, and a few rings will all play a part in this chapter of Nora’s life.

I love this continuation of the series. A nine out of ten. It just keeps getting deeper and the details are imperative. Nora learns a lot about not only angels and demons, but her own life as well. Things aren’t always what they seem and there are skeletons in everyone’s closets. It’s an awesome series that I advise you to take the time to read!

P.S. On a side note I have to shout DON’T DO IT!!! Because they have decided to do a movie on this book series. Not that it doesn’t deserve it, but that I’m totally afraid they’re going to ruin the story. Yes, I’m referring to the way the world mangled the Twilight story and the Queen of the Damned and every other book-to-film adaptation that was not an original biography. No offense because I love this story and always ponder what the characters would look like, even so much as relating them to actors. Just in the respect that no one pictures the characters the same way. (Except in the Harry Potter series and that was just creepy.)