My Soul To Steal

By Rachel Vincent


Phew! Now then, down to business. As I have previously mentioned this book stirred up emotions long forgotten. I could not figure out “who dunnit”.

Kaylee can never have a normal day. Like… ever. When an old ex shows up things between her and Nash go from unsteady to down right earth-quaking in mere seconds. Kaylee just met her worst nightmare, for real. While Alec is trying to re-coup from being a proxy Kaylee’s world slowly crumbles. Protecting Emma, her dad, Nash, and now her entire school is just the beginning.

While Avari begins plaguing the world again she must figure out who is killing off her teachers and inciting violence. It’s a hard road ahead filled with annoyances, heart-ache, friendships, and new evils. You never know who’s up to what. Rachel Vincent keeps you guessing until the very end.

This review is short due to its extra bits mentioned in previous mini-views.

So the rating? A nine out of ten. I loved the competitiveness. I loved rooting for Sabine even though I hated her. If you’ve read the previous books I want you to continue on! If not pick up the first one and dive in! Worth the time!