Sorry about the delay!

If you have been following my books you may understand why I’ve been slow in posting. Les Mis is a dense story with much to sift through. I see it kind of like an archeological dig in an oil pit. There’s much to be gained but you’ve gotta work to get it. So… I’ve been taking my time. This may be an ongoing read, meaning I’ll post other reviews while still reading this particular book.

Which leads us to Soul Screamers: My Soul to Steal. I don’t normally get worked up over a story, but this one is different. I didn’t throw any books, never have never will, though I contemplated it for a moment. Now, if you’re one of those stodgy folks who say, “Teenagers are sooo overly dramatic! I have never in my supreme life felt anything so strongly!” I advise you to go to a doctor. I mean be realistic, we’ve all been through a tough time before. We’ve all been jealous before. We’ve all had some sort of hateful thoughts. No matter how even-tempered we may seem. I’m no longer a teen myself, however I CAN remember how my life was. hormones are crazy. This installment of Soul Screamers brings all of those feelings back to the surface.

Also, it makes you take notice of all of the characters. You are forced to see each side of the story. I am very pleased at how well Rachel Vincent .. oh well you’ll see!

I really have enjoyed it so far due to its ‘stirring’ abilities. Not finished yet, but closing in. So check it out! I want you to take the time!