By Kailin Gow

A pretty quick read I must begin with. I liked the pace although I definitely should have read it on its own and not while I had a few others to broach.

Kalina still aches over the death of her ex-boyfriend Aaron. Blaming herself for not staying with him, blaming him for being drunk all the time, she can’t help but be angry. But when Aaron’s half brother’s show up and spring the frightening truth on her things change and rapidly.

The Greystone trio are vampires… who run a winery. The selling of vampire wine allows for vampires to coexist alongside humans (Think TruBlood). Though not all of the brothers use this method. Stewart and Jaegar have fought for centuries. Constantly in search of a very special family, or very special person. The one who gives them the key to either great power or humanity. Each has picked a side and stands firm.

Kalina’s blood holds their future. It’s rarity draws in all sorts of vampires. Octavius above all others, a very old and important vampire. The one who may be responsible for the whole mess to begin with. But when everyone is after Kalina the two brothers must work together to keep everything about her safe. But what, or who, will Kalina choose? Or will she even get the chance to choose? It all depends on what the vampires want.

I will have to give this book an eight. It had a pretty great storyline with a fast paced feel. I did feel that it was only slightly choppy. It would move from one scene to the next with little more than a breath or an explanation. I look forward to the next book with high hopes. Pulse leaves something to be expected in the following volume.


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