My Soul to Keep

By Rachel Vincent

Trouble has once again found Kaylee. While trying to live a simple, normal life as her banshee self something strange is going on with the football team. People are acting… off. Mood swings, unusual behavior, and odd occurences have Kaylee on edge.

During a party Nash’s attention seems slightly amiss and he’s not the only one. A couple of his friends are beginning to twitch. As if awaiting their next fix. Though this fix isn’t your average street corner type. ‘Frost’ has made it big on the scene, and it’s up to Kaylee and her friends to nip it in the bud. This drug leaves the host feeling quite cold and sounds strangely familiar to the toxic Netherworld substance, Demon’s Breath.

But Kaylee being grounded has its many disadvantages with its main being under house arrest. Or so she thought until she awakes in the Netherworld. Fighting evil with little to no shut-eye is hard enough, but now one of her worst fears may just come true. Things are becoming brittle between her and Nash as they close in on the source of the ‘frost’. What is really going on with the person who she feels safest with? The one who she’s shared her biggest worries with? She may have to trust those she would least expect to save the ones she loves the most.

I have to give this book an eight on this one. Love the story still, no complaints there. From the beginning though, as the reader, you pick up on the plot. It seems to take an ungodly long time for Kaylee to realize what is right in front of her. Secondly, it feels like Rachel Vincent uses what some would call “the god machine”. When you bring in an easy out. Someone who is left out of the plot until the very last second, used only as an instant out for your characters. Now, it doesn’t ruin the story and I’m assuming this person will show up later in the books. The ending actually made me pretty happy though and Kaylee really has to grow as a person to make some difficult decisions. So… if you liked the previous books I encourage you to take the time with this one as well. 😉


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