My Soul to Save

By Rachel Vincent

Kaylee is taking lessons. Bean Sidhe lessons that is. One evening at a concert, though, may change her desires to know more about the otherworldly. When pop star Eden suddenly drops dead onstage the show comes to a stop. Especially when Kaylee realizes what is off about the whole situation, she didn’t wail. There was no dread.

Alarm sets in when an ancient reaper shows up and takes what was inside the pop star’s body. Demon’s Breath. And Tod seems to be quite curious. But when he learns that his ex-girlfriend is embodied with the chilling matter he feels he must intervene. Of all folks to intervene.

With Nash opposed to aiding in the saving of lost souls Kaylee needs to choose. Being a new bean sidhe she feels the urge to help her friend’s ex. With only a few days to convince the demon to release her soul they must get the show on the road.

Nash can’t say no to Kaylee, no matter the danger. So the adventure begins. Yet, sometimes you have to go where no one should tread. In a place where everything is out to get you and time passes at different speeds, Kaylee must make use of her less desirable gifts.

I have to give this book a seven. I really liked the story and the road it is taking. But my main hang ups were the following: One, Kaylee and Nash didn’t get much time to hash things out. Two, some of the side characters are difficult to follow as are their main points to the story. Three, I wasn’t hooked like I was in the first book.

Now I fully intend to continue the series, and I encourage you to as well. It is a great story and Rachel Vincent paints the Netherworld in a very intriguing way. So, do take the time!


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