My Soul To Save By Rachael Vincent

After learning that she is a bean sidhe (banshee) and saving those around her from dropping dead of no seeming causes, Kaylee is taking lessons. That is “How To Be A Bean Sidhe” lessons. While things heat up with Nash and her dad being a real father after all these years, Kaylee must learn to balance and save those around her at the same time.

Angel Time By Anne Rice

When Lucky murders another anonymous individual he seems to sense his own end. Why did The Right Man choose this man? Why in this room? It feels like fate. But as he aims to bring on his own demise someone suddenly notices. Coming to stop him, and fight the voice plaguing him, is someone claiming to be an angel. How else could someone look at Lucky with such unconditional love and compassion? Especially after all of his filthy deeds.

Pulse By Kailin Gow

(Just barely into this novel)

After her boyfriend died just as she may have been falling in love with him, Kalina meets his half brothers. Both need what’s written in the family Bible. But then again Kalina may need it too. As soon as it gets stolen Kalina begins to learn that her boyfriend may not be just who she believed him to be.


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