Vampire Knight Disc 2

Continuing on from where we left off last time Yuki is learning more about her odd past, and so are we. Let me just say drama, drama, drama! The web just keeps getting more intricate as the story progresses. I want to like one character then I’m pulled toward another. And you probably know how it is if you’ve seen/read it.

With Yuki trying to care for Zero and still keep her heart in check she’s realizing things aren’t as easy as they may seem. With Kaname overshadowing her every thought she must face her fears from the past. Her hero may have some hidden flaws and she may be just beginning to sniff them out.

Zero is having to take on what he is and deal with it. Broody as ever, he has to find the strength to overcome impending insanity. Especially if he wants to have any hope of a relationship with Yuki. But his body may bring about his own ruin. Some things are forbidden but must take place for him to carry on.

And what about this new teacher? There is some connection between him and Zero. And he doesn’t hold back. Just what was the headmaster thinking letting someone like that teach a group of vampires? But I guess it makes sense.

Looking forward to the next night!


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