Kingdom Hearts – Dream Drop Distance

So… It’s a little late to be putting this out,  But here it goes.  I’ve decided to split this up into four parts( story, gameplay, enjoyment, Overall) to give a better idea of the overall gameplay experience.


The story for KH3D seems like a retelling of Birth By Sleep, And story isn’t the only thing that reflects this game.  The game follows Sora and Riku on the Mark of Mastery Exam in order to become Keyblade Masters.  The story isn’t much a a strong point for me; There are only a few moments when the story moves at the end of each world/between each world.

I just can’t think of anything in the story that stands out; If I had to; I’d give the Story a score of:



For me: Gameplay is key in any game, And lucky for us KH3d has this.  The gameplay does seem like a copy-paste of Birth by Sleep at first, which includes level combat, Level design, and skill setup

The combat in this game is solid and easy to use once you get the hang of the Freeflow system; Which basically allows you use the world around you to Wall Jump over, Charge at enemies, or use the environment  to launch combo attacks on your enemies.

A footnote in gameplay is the “Sprit” system; Which allows the player to create friendly versions of enemies(Called Spirits), for the player to use in combat.  Each spirit has strengths and weaknesses, and each has it’s own “Link” skill to allow Sora to use a Co-op skill with the spirit; or Riku to “fuse” with the spirit; which grant him passive abilities(Such increased movement speed/attack speed or longer attack range)

The player can also use the spirits in a Pokémon style minigame; here cards are used to control the spirit.

For gameplay; I’d say I give KH3D a score of:


The Gameplay isn’t perfect; but it’s near it


Yes; I’m going to score this game on how much I enjoyed it.

First; I’m going to start with how much fun it could be to play the game: For me;  The game was a little slow to get started; But once It got moving; I had a hard time putting it down. Some of my favorite things about the game : The solid combat system; and the Sub stories for each world, and at times; I found myself laughing out loud at things in the game; Things I’m not sure if they meant for me to laugh at… But I still laughed; That’s the point; right ?

Example of an lol moment for me: The Tron world(The Grid); Seeing the Stylized Sora and Riku interacting with the “Realistic” Tron characters was something I couldn’t help laughing at.

One thing that I found myself not liking; is the constant enemies that respawn in each zone, which makes the game a bit repetitive.  That said: It seems the repetitive battles might be for a point; at times; Bosses will prove difficult to take down if you’re not leveled enough. Which brings me to my next point : Challenge

If you’re a fan of Challenge in games; This may be a good game for you; On the standard difficulty; the game can prove very hard at times(Mostly boss fights); Of course… Any challenge can be overcome by some level grinding.  Still; If you -want- a real challenge; Play the game on Hard, and minimal grinding. Just learn to read each boss and learn it’s pattern.

For enjoyment; I’d score KH3D…


Which brings us to my final score : My Score for the Dream, Drop, Distance Overall is :


It isn’t the best KH game; But one of my favorites.  This might not be the best game to introduce yourself to KH; but if you’re an old fan; And haven’t tried it yet; Give it a shot ! if you’re Interested in KH; but haven’t  played one before; 3D may be hard to follow.


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