I don’t usually rant on the web but I have to air this.

If you read a book that isn’t your normal ‘thing’ don’t blame the book for not liking the genre. For example, young adult will, most likely, have a love triangle. A mystery may have murder. A thriller will be horribly frightening. But if that author wrote it to be in that genre then you need to base your review or opinion on that.

Secondly, if you haven’t done your research then don’t judge the book. The Hunger Games is not some hack and slash story. No one who has any knowledge of the books would tell you that. Read it yourself if you’re curious.

And lastly, if you are an author who has sold out to fame and fortune and decided to put out crap books, don’t get pissy when your fans point that out. It is said fans who have purchased your material so I would assume they would know when it is and isn’t your best material. Especially when they have followed you for years and read many of your other stories. Stop chewing out your readers and maybe you should focus on creating better material. And I know as a writer you know how to get published and we don’t… but if it sucks then we ain’t buying it!

That’s my mini-rant. Have a nice day.


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