In the world of entertainment

Woo! New album to be released by my favorite band H.I.M.

We’ve been awaiting this release for some time now. First they plan to release “XX- Two Decades of Love Metal” in October of this year. I look forward to hearing Ville crooning again quite soon. Also they plan to head back to the studio during September for their newest album “Tears On Tape” as they work with Tim Palmer to mix it.

I can’t say how excited I am to hear some new tunes.

In other news Michael Strahan is now the new co-host on Live! with Kelly. This being the 25th season of Live! Michael has some big shoes to fill. After Regis’ retirement earlier this year, Ripa went on a co-host search with a few men for the pickin’. After judging the audience’s response to the various contenders, Strahan was officially chosen to fill the chair.

So far he seems to be doing quite well and, though it’s only been less than a week, the response seems to be majority positive. When looking back at older footage the company found a seeming premonition from Strahan himself. While seated alongside Regis and Kelly Strahan was questioned about what he saw in his future. No one knew that his joking response about taking over Regis’ job would actually come to fulfillment.

That’s all I’ve got for now! Have a great one!


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