Being a Real Nerd Worm

So, I’ve obviously been reading a ton lately. I decided to take a short break from the Cor Griffin Bloodsuckers series and read something different. Not that I don’t like those books, I love them actually, I’m just taking a step back for a few days. I picked up my sample of My Soul to Take By Rachel Vincent and proceeded to purchase it. So we’re going to focus on that for a minute. It hooked me already.

Now if you follow my Goodreads account and see some that are marked as to-read don’t be shocked if they don’t come up anytime soon. Chances are I’m interested but don’t have the time. Much of those consist of literary classics. And classics take a quiet room, which I hardly ever find myself in, and good focus. But if you have read them and enjoyed them feel free to let me know. šŸ™‚

Moving on, my guy is still playing games when he can. For those of you who are dying to follow those reviews I have to apologize for taking up his time. We are planning a wedding and so when we aren’t working we are usually tied up with wedding business. But I assure you, yet again, that those reviews are coming. We often talk about the ones we are working on. So don’t lose hope!

And finally, I am so glad you guys have taken the time to check out our blog and I will keep you filled in on any new updates as always!


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