From Out of Chaos (Cor Griffin Bloodsuckers #2)

By Nathan Wrann

Ew, ew, ew. Ew, ew, ew. This one deserves an award for throughly grossing me out.

Picking up in the mud where the last book left off, Cor must get to safety. As Mr. Gifford begins the final destruction of The Creeper a chain of events begins. Taylor is at its head. With all the lore that has become fact in the matter of only a few days there has to be more truth out there. And Mr. Scientist is dying to find out.

Caitlyn, meanwhile, seems to be the new teacher’s pet. Which Cor isn’t taking lightly. Why her? Why not his own son? She gets all the benefits and Cor doesn’t understand why. But as these books go, Mr. Gifford’s reasoning is soon explained and just in time.

While the three are working through their personal issues, like why Cor and Caitlyn are no longer drawn to one another, Taylor has bigger fish to fry. He’s been experimenting with old literary fiction. And as it seems, the gore begins to pile up. When you’re a mad scientist with a couple of body parts up your sleeve what are you to do?

The story takes some wild twists and turns as Cor unravels his world. He must face new love as well as loss. And through I was freaked out, which was clearly the intention, I still felt sorrow for these characters. They are enslaved to their own demise. Running and constantly falling short. The story moves rapidly and leaves you with even more loose ends. Some people never seem to learn.

On a scale of one to ten I’d give it about an eight. Only because of personal taste. The author really has strength in being able to dissect and assemble characters. His ability to graphically freak someone out is incredible. And these things are necessary for you to fully grasp the content of each matter. Cor and his friends are not finished with their story yet. So if you liked the first I advise you to continue learning about who and what these people are. Take the time for yourself!


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