Dark Matter Heart

By Nathan Wrann

This book latches on to you and doesn’t let go. I loved every minute of it.

Though he is sickly, Cor just wants to blend in and finish high school and with juice box in hand at a new school that’s just what he plans to do. But of course trouble finds him on his first day. While his new friend Taylor guides him through his classes he happens upon the jocks. Who by all means are terrible and violent. But when Cor refuses to fight back something seems odd. What is it with this new kid?

Cor needs to keep a low profile. And when he has to work with one of the jock’s girlfriend things just keep getting out of hand. From the minute he meets her he is drawn to her. She is young and innocent and Cor needs to avoid her. Especially when it seems that every person he happens to randomly meet turns up dead. Dead and drained of blood.

When Cor’s teacher tells him to keep close to Taylor he takes the advice not knowing where it will lead. But in a school where you need someone to have your back Taylor’s your guy. And soon Cor is telling him his biggest secret, as well as why he carries around juice boxes.

Taylor is just what Cor needs and has connections to valuable places. Aside from a library and diner. Maybe even enough to find out why Cor is always so sickly when the sun is up. And why after a severe beating one afternoon, he is perfectly fine.

This book is short and moves really fast. I read it in three days, could have been one if I’d had the time. It flows smoothly and though you may panic at how brief it is, it is an amazing read. I had to give this book a nine out of ten. I couldn’t let it go. Which is exactly why I immediately purchased the second one. I do push you to take the time!


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