By Liz Jasper

This one took me a while to complete, which is abnormal. I wasn’t hooked at any particular point. So here’s my honest review.

Jo is a middle school science teacher who is just trying to get through the year without being the subject of gossip. As the new teacher she feels as if she needs to prove herself. But when sitting at the Christmas dinner she is noticed by a very handsome man, which her friends proceed to point out. They encourage her to go near him and when she does she is drawn to him. He’s not like most superficial men. But when he suddenly takes a kiss too far Jo flips out and has to leave the party.

Following the event she hears about murders of women with similar features as hers. And when she sees that a detective is in on the vampire hunt she befriends him. Detective Gavin encourages Jo not to take any chances outdoors. And as she begins developing half-vampire symptoms she finds that to be the least of her worries. She is becoming a detective herself. Keeping her eyes and ears open around the school for any leads. But that means stepping into the gossip pool. And soon one of her coworkers turns up dead so rumors start to swirl. Gossip is a give and take deal. And now Jo is very popular.

As she struggles with her messed up skin, blurry eyesight, and sensitivity to sunlight Jo attempts to carry on a normal life. So….What’s my issue with this one you may ask? Well, I found her quite dull. She goes to work, goes home. Goes to work, goes home. Back and forth with nothing shocking happening. Pretty boy vampire guy appears maybe three times in the entire story with hardly any input aside from a short chat then vanishing. And though I was slightly interested to hear about her finding new clues, I was disappointed that some things seemed to fall through the cracks. You don’t hear about any more vampire murders after the initial couple. Nothing seems to come together until the very end, which is typical of a mystery I know, and it seems like it is grasping at straws. And I couldn’t connect with the sudden mood swings she or Gavin were having seemingly without cause.

And though I had issues with it I can’t help but wonder if this is one of those “first books“. And what I mean by that is that in the first book of a series often an author feels the need to explain all necessary information. Which, in turn, can make a first book quite dull or confusing. So I am planning to take on the second one to see if that is the case. (If you still don’t understand the “first book” concept read The Host By Stephenie Meyer. Awesome story, really difficult beginning to understand, as if a “first book”.) Who knows, it may turn my opinion around, which I really hope it does.

I’m still looking forward to the second one. But as it currently stands I would have to give this book a four out of a possible ten. Though I enjoyed trying to piece the puzzle together and find out who knew Jo’s secret some of the ending just didn’t add up. The ending is the main point where it really picked up and I almost couldn’t put it down. But don’t just take my word for it, take the time.


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