Gravity Rush – It should have been a platformer.

Gravity Rush

So, For those of you who don’t know… Gravity Rush is a Sandbox, mission based Video Game (You know, Like GTA)  on the PS Vita.  The gimmick for this game? You play a super powered girl who can alter gravity.  The concept is good, and the game -is- fun, but a few things fall short.

For starters, the mission based gameplay seems to fall short for a sandbox style game.  While it’s fun to fly around the city, and run up the sides of buildings, there just doesn’t seem like enough for you to do.  The missions seem few and far between, and the “challenge” missions take only a few minutes to complete, and they’re just isn’t enough of them to keep you busy for long gaming sessions. On the other hand, the
missions being short make the game easy to pick-up-and-play, which makes it a great portable game (On the Portable system? No way!).

The only other problem I have with the game is the combat, which seems a bit repetitive.  Combat on the ground is less so, But it still sort of dodge-hit-dodge… Air combat, on the other hand; Is -very- repetitive… When facing Flying enemies, you are more or less forced to spam one or two of your 4 gravity based attacks.  Boss Fights tend to be long and drawn out, unless you max out your Gravity Shift timer early on (Which lets you stay in your Gravity shift state longer), Because if not, You’ll end up grounded until your timer resets

Despite minor flaws, this game is till enjoyable.  The story is interesting enough; though not ground breaking, and exploring the city is one of the real highlights of gameplay.

If I had to make a suggestion on Gravity Rush, I’d say:

Give It A Try.

Gravity Rush is a good pickup-and-play game that’s good for those moments of downtime, but may not be for everyone.


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